Compensating the Sales
Force by David J. Cichelli

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Worldwide producer of filtration products.

World regions held dissimilar “views” on how to compensate sales resources.

In-house sessions in US, Europe and Asia to successfully develop a shared understanding of incentive techniques.

Better understanding and alignments of incentive decisions improved worldwide sales management processes.

In-House Learning Sessions

We offer three types of learning sessions to train our clients about sales compensation issues:

Leadership Briefings

These are typically two-hour in-house briefing sessions with the sales leadership team and key sales compensation stakeholders. They are designed to jump-start internal dialog on sales compensation issues and to generate fresh thinking on sales compensation choices.

Sales Compensation Seminars

This is a one-day in-house seminar designed to equip the internal team with the tools and methodologies needed to undertake a sales compensation re-design effort. The seminar focuses on sales compensation concepts and design techniques.

Sales Compensation Plan Design Workshop

This is a one-day workshop designed to institute minor changes and updates to the existing compensation plan by examining best practices and reviewing existing plans for modification.

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