Compensating the Sales
Force by David J. Cichelli

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The Sales Growth Imperative

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"The Sales Growth Imperative"

McGraw Hill, 2011, 320 pages
Author: David J. Cichelli
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Knowing which sales-effective solutions to use and when is a common dilemma especially when experts and practitioners alike are quick to offer so many varied and sometimes conflicting “solutions.” In The Sales Growth Imperative, David Cichelli tackles these issues and offers readers an easy-to-understand roadmap to follow.

The Sales Growth Imperative begins and ends with a presumed corporate mandate for the sales function: grow revenues. The challenge is “how.”

The book brings two primary constructs together to suggest which solutions work best during each phase of growth.

The Sales Management System™ provides a complete framework for all functions within the sales department.

The Sales Growth Phases describe the four phases of growth—start-up, volume growth, re-evaluation and optimization.

Features three major sections:

Use this book as a travel guide for your sales management practices.

Primary take away from this book: Sales departments must grow revenue, and they will use different sales solutions depending on the growth rate of the company.

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